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A curated list of serverless resources, applications, workshops, tutorials, newsletters, blogs, and enterprise case studies. I started this list for my own use but I thought it might be useful for others as well. This is a live document ad I will be updating the page often, so bookmark it and come back to check it for newer content. Enjoy!

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Exciting world of serverless computing

  • Heard about the serverless revolution and want to learn more?
  • Want to take the plunge but don’t know where to start?
  • Bored of the endless ‘hello world apps’ and ‘why serverless’ discussions?

I have compiled a list of useful resources that will get you started. I have kept the list relevant to real life implementations beyond the numerous ‘hello world’ examples and ‘why serverless?’ type content. The focus is mainly on learning where serverless architectures shine and linking to such great resources. Most of the applications shared here has it’s code shared so we can all learn from it.

I have divided up the content into these broad categories:

Applications & Tutorials

Code behind

I decided to take to YouTube to catch up on all of the announcements and deep dive breakout sessions. When searching, I found myself overwhelemd and frustrated with irrelevent search results and outdated content. I just wanted a single spot to browse re:Invent specific videos, and have the ability to quickly and easily find what I was looking for. The website was built to solve exactly that problem.

Introduction to AWS AppSync

Learn to make the best use of managed services to build a GraphQL API with AWS AppSync.

Build a Photo-Sharing Web App with AWS Amplify and AWS AppSync

In this workshop, we’ll use React to build a data-driven web app that lets users upload to shared, secure photo galleries. We’ll use AWS AppSync to get up and running quickly with a GraphQL API that backs our data in Amazon DynamoDB. In addition, we’ll demonstrate how to use the AWS Amplify library to authenticate users, communicate with our API, and manage photo uploads. Finally, we add in AI-powered object tagging using Amazon Rekognition, allowing users to discover photos without any manual data entry.

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AWS Serverless Security Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn techniques to secure a serverless application built with AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway and RDS Aurora. We will cover AWS services and features you can leverage to improve the security of a serverless applications in 5 domains: identity & access management, code, data, infrastructure, logging & monitoring.

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Enterprise Case Studies

How Benefit Cosmetics Uses Serverless

“Well, let’s look into this serverless thing.” Web monitors and testers are a classic case for serverless. The service needs to be independent of our other infrastructure, run regularly, and NOT be anyone’s full-time job to manage! We didn’t have the time nor people to spend countless hours configuring resources- and really didn’t want to be patching servers to keep it running a year in the future.

Altkom Software & Consulting’s real business usecase

We had an idea to try to implement a simple billing in serverless architecture for a customer who sells its services in subscription based model. Customer sends a list of its employees who can use offered services. Based on contract prices for each type of subscription, system calculates fees for each employee. Then it aggregates it to create an invoice. Finally, a PDF printout is generated and sent to customers, together with sms/email notification.

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Blogs & Newsletters

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Books & Publications

Serverless Architectures on AWS (2nd Edition) by Peter Sbarski & Ajair Nair

It teaches you how to design, secure, and manage serverless backend APIs for web and mobile applications on the AWS platform. This new edition has been fully updated to reflect the newest serverless design best practices and changes to AWS.

JavaScript Cloud Native Development Cookbook by John Gilbert

Deliver serverless cloud-native solutions on AWS, Azure, and GCP. Master over 60 recipes to help you deliver completely scalable and serverless cloud-native applications.

Serverless DevOps: What do we do when the server goes away? by Tom McLaughlin (Free ebook)

This is a guide for operations professionals and engineering leadership to prepare for the future as we increasingly see the technology we are responsible for abstracted away by serverless.

Serverless Architectures on AWS (1st Edition) by Peter Sbarski

It teaches you how to build, secure and manage serverless architectures that can power the most demanding web and mobile apps.

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