AWS reInvent 2018 Announcements

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As usual, AWS announced a slew of new services and updates to it’s existing services at reInvent 2018. Here are the most significant ones that I am maintaining a list of. I will be updating the list as more services get announced. Werner Vogels is on stage right now announcing new Serverless services and updates.

Updated: 12/21/2018

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Serverless Updates

New Language support: Ruby (yes!!!), Cobol, C++, Rust

3rd-party IDE Integrations: PyCharm, IntelliJ, VSCode - full serverless integration, integrated debugging and more…

Custom Runtimes: Bring you own execution environment.

Lambda Layers: reusabiliy of code across serverless functions. no duplicated code anymore. versioning code out of box. Includes security.

Nested applications support for apps in Serverless Application Repository. Package common functionality into modules that can be referenced from other SAM apps.

Step-Functions can now orchestrate with 8 new services: AWS Batch, Fargate, Amazon ECS, Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS, AWS Glue, and Amazon SageMaker.

Websockets support for API Gateway - build real-time two-way communication applications

ALB Support for AWS Lambda

Managed Stream for Kafka: fully managed and higly available Apache Kafka service

AWS Well-Architected Framework

Storage Services

AWS S3 Glacier Deep Archive: a new Amazon S3 storage class that provides secure, durable object storage for long-term data retention and offers the lowest price.

AWS S3 Intelligent-Tiering: a new Amazon S3 storage class designed that optimizes storage costs automatically when data access patterns change, without performance impact or operational overhead.

Security Services

AWS Control Tower: prescriptive guidance for setting up accounts, IAM policies, security, compliance, multi-account/orgs. etc. It is a set of blueprints and set up guardrails.

AWS Security Hub: manage all security and complaince across AWS environment.

Amazon CloudWatch Logs Insights: fully integrated analytics service to analyze and visualize CloudWatch logs.

Database Services

Amazon Timestream: fully managed time-series database.

Amazon DynamoDB On-demand: a flexible new billing option for DynamoDB capable of serving thousands of requests per second without capacity planning. The on-demand feature is not free-tier eligible though.

Amazon DynamoDB Transactions: transactions support in DynamoDB.

Analytics Services

AWS Lake Formation: create secure data lakes using a console.

Amazon QuickSight: full managed per-per-session business intelligence service.

Blockchain Services

Amazon Managed Blockchain: full managed blockchain infrastructure. create and manage blockchain networks - Hyperledger (available) and Etherium (coming soon) fabric

Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB): fully managed ledger database that provides a transparent, immutable, and cryptographically verifiable transaction log, owned by a central trusted authority.

AI & ML Services

Amazon Elastic Inference: GPU-powered deep machine learning inference infrastructure.

Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth: Video labeling and annotations framework for training datasets

AWS Marketplace for Machine Learning: 150 ML algorithms and models that can be used with SageMaker

Amazon SageMaker RL (Reinforcement Learning): Managed Reinforcement Machine Learning algorithms

AWS DeepRacer: Fully autonomous 1/18th race car powered by ML. Work with a virtual track, develop a strategy and then upload to the physical car. AWS DeepRacer League, first global autonomous racing league, open to anyone. Will also have virtual races.

Amazon Textract: OCR++ service to easily extract text data from documents and forms. It can recognize different data formats like SSN, DOB, addresses etc.

Amazon Personalize: Fully managed real-time personalization and recommendations engine/service. They are private models. You feed in activity stream, inventory data, demographics data etc. to Amazon Personalize and you get a personallized recommendations exposed via an API.

Amazon Forecast: Accurate time-series forecasting service. Feed historical data and related casual data and forecasts is exposed over an API.

Infrastructure Services

VMWare Cloud on AWS: Extend and migrate VMWare environments to AWS.

AWS Outposts: Run AWS infrastructure on-premise in your datacenter - AWS VMWare Cloud or AWS Native. That will enable to run AWS software in-premise. It will seamlessly integrate with services on AWS cloud. Installed and optionally maintained by AWS.

Firecracker: an open-source virtualization technology built for managing containers and functions based services.

Now you can build hybrid solutions using VMWare Cloud on AWS and AWS Outposts.


AWS Amplify Console: a continuous deployment and hosting service for modern web applications with serverless backends.

AWS Transfer for SFTP: Fully managed SFTP service.

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