Excited to Join Docker

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Due to a personal loss in my life, I took a few months of sabbatical to get through it. I got through the holidays with support from my family and friends. It was hard but as the year turned around, I had to move on with my life.

I had a very interesting tenure at Serverless.com and I was looking for a more close interaction with customers at large enterprises. I wanted to remain hands-on technically, but not become a code monkey. I wanted to work on a variety of enterprise use cases yet did not want to become an “on-the-road-Mon-to-Fri” consultant. I wanted to ideally work remotely and travel occasionally.

As you can imagine, the surface area of my job search was pretty small, but I was confident that I will find a company that I like and a job that I would love. I have always found that right job in the past.

After several round of interviews and spending the holiday season wondering if I will land the job, I was happy to get an offer from Docker Inc. I always wanted to work for Docker. I was well versed in the technology since 2014 when I worked at CenturyLink, building several Docker-based projects including Panamax.io, Lorry.io and ImageLayers.io. Needless to say, I was elated to be part of a compnay that I closely followed since its early days as a startup.

At Docker HQ, SFO

I joined Docker on Feb. 5th, 2019 as a Solutions Architect for the East/Canada region. I am part of an amazing organization with great leadership and optimal transparency. I met with some of the brightest people that are humble, hard working and smart. Looking forward to working with them all.

The most exciting part of the work would be helping customers modernize traditional & legacy Windows applications by containerizing and deploying them on the Docker Enterprise platform. I had not worked on containerizing Windows apps before so I am really excited to take up the challenge. I hope to blog about my experience and challenges very soon.

If you are interested or working with Docker technologies, I would love to chat with you. I will be at DockerCon 2019 (ask me for a discount code if you are interested in attending) and we could meet there as well. Ping me on twitter.

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